Nuremberg mulled wine rides

20201209 Intro Gluehweinfahrt 2020

Get on board, enjoy a cup of mulled wine or children's punch with delicious gingerbread, while our team takes you comfortably and safely through the pre-Christmas Nuremberg in a historical tram. Listen to our conductor's explanation of the city and see the city from a different perspective.

It's worth getting in, we look forward to welcoming you to our place.

Our timetable:

00:00 Welcome
03:37 Departure from Hauptbahnhof
03:59 Südstadt
04:45 Aufseßplatz
05:31 Sigmund Schuckert
07:38 Plärrer
11:14 Westring / Burg
11:53 Christkindlesmarkt
13:12 Nürnberger Burg / Tiergärtnertor
14:57 Nuremberg tram history
16:18 Laufer Tor
17:55 The city wall
19:35 Arrival on Hauptbahnhof
20:31 Conclusion - we look forward to your support


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